Thursday, June 11, 2009

Matilda the Terrible

I really don't think Matilda is terrible - but for a few moments two times today the thought crossed my mind! I was going to go meet my mom for lunch today. So I got my stuff together & sat down on the couch with the pups for a few minutes before leaving. Noticing how nice & quiet everyone was I thought I'd slip out the door. I had a new hand lotion my sister gave me for my birthday on the couch. It's in a metal like tube and in a box. It was on the couch with me sort of burried in a blanket & several times I reminded myself to put it back in my pocket book before I left. Well, in my hurry to escape before anyone noticed, I forgot. However, I did remember a 1/2 mile down the road so I turned around to come get it full well knowing if I didn't - I'd come home to a mess & have a boat load of sick puppers.

So I'm not gone but 3 minutes right? I come home & saw a piece of the cardboard from the box where I had been sitting on the couch. Matilda, she was in the corner of the couch shaking as if she was waiting to get in trouble (she always acts guilty when she has something to act guilty about!). So I ask her..."where is it??" when the thought popped in my mind to check their bed or the bean bag. They always like to drag stuff to their own "hang out" before ripping it apart. Sure enough, it's on the bean bag - the whole top half of the box ripped apart. THREE MINUTES!! These guys are like little piranhas! So I toss Matilda in her crate & off I went. And when I got home? Perfect! No messes anywhere caused by the other 3....

Just a few minutes ago my girls & I head to the store that's about a mile & 1/4 down the road to pick up some milk. We're gone, maybe 8-10 minutes. Get home & Gabby comes out in the kitchen with a bag of unmentionables. Something Ivy had taken to school for snack and decided to change backpacks before cleaning out that one. (**GAG**) Lets just say it was juicy & ripped open. UGH!

When we leave, we shut the bedroom & bathroom doors & gate off the kitchen so there is only the living room & puppy room to ram around in & we are good about picking stuff up off the floors. Except Matilda...she'll pull stuff out of the woodwork!! To get the bag of unmentionables - she had to drag Ivy's backpack out of the little cubby place where it was & dig through the dang thing to find what she thought was good enough to chew!

I know she's not always the only guilty one & I'm sure once she gets started the other pups join in on the "fun". But I'm pretty sure she IS the instigator in it all! I may have to start crating her when we leave for a while - we did that before when she started to get into trouble when we were out & after a while she sort of got the hint and was fine again. Hopefully doing that again will work...

Silly little pups...


  1. Ha ha ha ha! This totally sounds like something Bentley and Lexi would do. For us, it's totally a toss up as to who would be the instigator. I'm sure our probably take turns! They're such sillies.

  2. HaHa...she was getting you back for the dental work! Little minx. They can be soooo curious.
    Dra thinks everything in a tube might be NutraCal. He would chew at cream if he could.