Monday, June 8, 2009

Social Pups...

While the pups werne't interacting per say, they were existing happily with my moms Golden Retriever, Holly yesterday after our walk. I only walked Maxwell & Maribelle with my mom & Holly because the other 3 had gone for a walk in the morning and I was a bit on the tired side. Anyway, I believe my pups have only "met" Holly for a walk two other times though each had visited her once or twice at her house. Regardless...after Maxwell barked & growled for a few seconds at first he was happy as can be. And Maribelle, didn't bark at all when first seeing her. When we got back to my house we hung out on the porch for a bit. I let Matilda out & Milo sat in the open window right by us. It's so great seeing these pups getting along....


  1. That's great! And it smells like progress. That is where I'm hoping to get with Lexi. She doesn't have to play with other large dogs, but I'd like for her to be able to happily coexist with them. Great pictures. Holly is a beauty!

  2. Yeah, it is nice but it does take a few for them to adjust. Except for Mari...I was super pleased with the way she greeted Holly especially since she's a big barker. :oD