Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bath Day Zoomies & Diva Matilda

As most dog owners know, a bath can create quite a rutkis. While they try to dry off quickly they run, rub on furniture, shake & everything in between. Do they really just want to dry off quicker - or is it a post bath high? Hmmmm....

I thought it would be fun to snap a few pictures of our Zoomies. I only got Maribelle & Maxwell - I'll have to think to get the other 2 next time!

Though I do want to add: Matilda is the biggest "diva". She loves her brothers & sister but while getting beautified (getting towel dried after a bath, nail trim, tooth brush, etc) she can NOT be bothered. If one of the others come close to see what's going on it's immediate teeth. The moment I let go & am done with her she's completely fine. She apparently takes beautifying very seriously. Diva much?


  1. You captured the bathday zoomies so perfectly! The pictures turned out great. I love the one of Mari shaking! We gave Bentley and Lexi a bath last night. Bentley likes to be cuddled under my shirt after a bath, and then when he's warm again, he and Lexi proceed with the zoomies. It's hysterical to watch, isn't it? Definitely get pics of Milo and Matilda next time too.

  2. We get "wild dog" zoomies at our house also...his favorite is to run outside through the garden and dirt to remove the fresh clean smell. Loved the pics.

  3. We were experiencing the bath zoomies tonight!