Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Light Shed on our House Guest & Our New Website!!

First of all - I'm so glad Lacie went home. I'm saying this not even because of her peeing. Her peeing "problem" made perfect sense when I found a few spots of blood on our floor yeserday & on came that "ah ha" moment! She was going in heat! I say I'm glad she went home because both times yesterday she entered the kitchen (we usually keep the kitchen/living room entry gated) our unneutered Zander was attracted to her like a strong magnet. He nearly plowed over my sister in law & my grandfather when he was carrying Lacie out to leave. YIKES! It gave us a small look at what we have to deal with when Miss Maribelle comes into heat. Good part is he didn't seem to cause too much of a problem until she came into his "area". So hopefully he doesn't put up too much of a fuss when Mari is in long as we keep her in another room. Wishful thinking? Probably. LOL But at least his overweight rump can't get over the gate....

Secondly - I bit the bullet & made a website for my crew!! It's still a work in progress & I'm really wanting to get a different picture of the crew for the main page but feel free to check it out & leave a comment in the guest book! ;o)

And the Holly Oak Chihuahuas? It's just the name we chose to put on their registration papers in case we ever decided to breed and I didn't want to have to register a second domain in the future. (CRAP! - NOTE TO SELF: Mail out those registration forms today - it's only been over a year for 2 of them & their papers have been filled out since we got the pups. Not to mention they're technically not registered until you send in the papers. ) So with out further adieu....

Holly Oak Chihuahuas

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  1. Just wanna say, checked out your site, and I love it! Great Job!