Sunday, May 24, 2009

Matilda & Fort Knox

We had a family day yesterday & headed to Fort Knox in Prospect, ME (a nearly 2 hour ride). We decided to take Matilda with us & being as she doesn't really care for riding it was a bit of a first. For the first hour she was shaking, breathing heavily & seemed really hot. Any longer rides we've been on she's done fairly well but with her in my lap I think through her for a loop because usually she has the entire front seat to herself. Anyway, I kept giving her sips of water & wiping her down with a baby wipe (the sun was directly on her & with her dark fur made it worse!). I was getting a little worried but we finally stopped at the Lincolnville beach for a stretch/break & she LOVED it! We walked on the beach for just about 10 minutes & it was just enough to loosen her up & then she willingly got back in the car & was fine for the rest of the riding - even on the way home.

Our first stop at the fort was the observatory in which Matilda wasn't allowed up so I stayed at the base & waited with her. She sat next to me on a rock next to the road & enjoyed watching the people & cars go by. A few motorcycles even went by & Matilda didn't flinch!! If you know Matilda you know she seriously dislikes motorcycles.... So I was very pleased about that!

Onto the actual fort - she had a BLAST. Going through the dark tunnels, up & down the stairs & through the tall grass....she was obviously having a great time. I'm so glad we decided to bring her. The only time she was the least bit nervous was when we saw another dog at the gift shop but she didn't put up too much of a fuss. Just sort of avoided her a little bit.

Our trip did get cut short by our little escapee, Maxwell. Apparently we should have taken him along for the ride as well.

Here are a few photos from the outting....

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  1. Great photos. It looks like Matilda really enjoyed herself. Too bad your trip got cut short by naughty little Maxwell, but I bet he's glad you came home when you did and found him! Poor little guy.