Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morning Romp & Matilda's Funny Behavior....

Here is the crew romping around outside. They LOVE their new play much that sometimes they disappear for a while rather than cuddling up with mom. **sniff sniff** But I'm so glad they enjoy it...that makes me happy. :o)

Here you will also witness Matilda's aversion of the beeping noise of a trucks back-up alarm. Even if we are inside & have a truck backing up close to the house she'll run upstairs & hide. Heck, even watching this video she sat up with her ears sideways listening - Silly girl! But funny enough, she doesn't mind the bus when it turns around after dropping off the girls. To sounds the same as any other back-up alarm. Maybe she is okay with it at that very moment during the day because she knows something good will follow (kids coming home)?? LOL Anyway....

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  1. This was a happy video...I liked it.