Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well trained? Or........

So this morning Maribelle was outside in the play area sniffing around & curiously watching the Chickadees flying about. CUTE! So I grab my camera hoping to catch something worth while. By the time I get back Milo had joined her. I hear Maribelle sniffing by the lower window I had accidentally left open yesterday & Milo came over to give her a sniff. I snapped a picture. They both look up at me immediately for a moment before BOLTING inside!

What? I can't even take a candid picture w/o thinking they'll get some sort of treat in return?! Them relating my shutter releasing to treats is generally how I keep their attention when doing posed pictures & its great! For candids...not so much.

Here is this mornings one & only capture. Not earth shattering by any means. Just proves that my Chi's are either well trained....or well spoiled!

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha...you really do have them well trained.