Sunday, April 26, 2009

Such a life....

Hubster & I have been planning this new puppy play area for a bit and this weekend got started on it! He quickly threw together an outside potty area (for those that don't know - our pups are doggy door trained) last fall just before the snow started flying so we always planned on redoing that anyway. Well, he hasn't (re)done the potty area part yet but off of the potty area he's made a nice fenced in play area out on the front lawn. When he's finished, I believe they're will be a potty area still but we'll be able to close the play area for times when we're away. That way the pups don't stand outside & bark for hours on end (would they do that?) or they don't get doggy napped or any other bad thing that could happen. :o)

I plan to have the hubby make some nice sunning decks for the play area as well, not to mention we already have a pool for them & a sandbox we need to get in there & fill. In my next life I want to be a Chihuahua.....

You can see our "winterized" potty area to the right of the sunroom - but again..that will be redone soon I hope!


  1. You have such a nice home,that is great that the pups use a doggy door. I hope we can install one at our home. Milo looks very curious about whats on the other side of the fence. We have a small yard that has a 6 foot fence with 8 foot trellising attached so Draco won't run away but we live near a large field full of praire dogs and the hawks patrol all the time. I get nervous when he is out by himself for a long time. He sort of looks like a tasty snack for a hawk
    Our Pups do live the good life!!

  2. The doggy door is the best invention I tell ya! Before we were taking the pups out every 2-3 hours. You can imagine the relief after they started using the doggy door. LOL The hawks would make me nervous...and they do since we have some around on occasion. I have been keeping an eye out though when they are outside (I can see them out the picture window).

    And would you know that Maribelle escaped TWICE today!? There was a spot below the temporary fencing on the potty area side that had a 1" gap & she squeezed under it! GEESH! I'm glad she didn't get stuck... Little houdini!