Monday, April 20, 2009

Girls Day!

This week is vacation week for my 2 daughters and today is basically our only "free" day all week so we all decided to hit the lighthouse for a walk & the beach again! This time the Chi girls tagged along. I knew Maribelle would be a bit of a challenge since she is our "barker" and a few times I had to sit with her until she stopped..but all in all she wasn't too bad considering all the people she saw.

It was a treat that one of Gabby's friends arrived at the beach just after we did - she has a little 4lb pomeranian named Mouse. YAY...the opportunity of socialization! It's sad but that's one of the first thoughts in my mind when I saw them. Mouse is a little jumping bean full of energy so I figured Matilda wouldn't be thrilled. She acted very curious to see Mouse & went over to sniff but Mouse was so excited Matilda quickly got her teeth out. :o/ She's a funny girl...she's great with calm dogs or dogs that ignore her. LOL Excited dogs tick her off if they get too close. From a distance they're okay & she'd never go out of her way to bite another dog. But if they come in her space with that energy, she won't have it.

Maribelle, I'm SO THRILLED to say does well with other dogs! She jumped away from Mouse a few times when he was trying to pounce on her but for the most part she was very interested in him. I think they would have even started to pay if they had been together a bit longer. It was so cute...and they are the same size which was nice too.

Anyway, two captures of my 4 girls... :o)

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