Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sneaky sneaky sneaky...

I think Maribelle being "out on the town" yesterday was a bit much for her as she had a bit of diarrhea last night & this morning...or perhaps it was the little bit of whipped cream she cleaned off of my iced mocha? Regardless, instead of giving her her reguler Innova EVO I cooked up some rice & peas in hopes of settling her little tummy. Knowing the other pups would "mow down" on her special breakfast I locked her in one of the crates. After a couple minutes I checked on her to find she was picking threw the rice & peas I'm guessing to find her real food. Unusual - any of the other pups would have loved the special meal! So I thought I'd give her a couple more minutes to decide if she would settle for the rice & peas or not.

I swear not a minute passed when I heard an unusual sound of munching. I looked over & saw Milo & Maxwell by the crate Mari was in. I got up to get a closer look & the little boogers were finishing off Mari's special breakfast!! NAUGHTY BOYS!

We discovered a few months back that Maxwell was the master of opening a crate if something stuck his fancy inside. I forgot this fact when locking Mari in this morning. However, he must have gotten better at this skill as I didn't even hear the crate latch rattling!

Here is a video of our "investigation" we set up a couple months ago to see how Maribelle was escaping from her crate...there you can see just how clever Mr. Maxwell is a long version but the escape happens I think within the first minute...

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