Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beach Bums!

What a busy day! Miss Mari tagged along when we went to drop off Auntie Sue's birthday card. She had fun & got spoiled by Auntie as always. My sneaky suspicions were right however - Maribelle is starting to get motion sickness in the car! She's never had a problem but both last week & today during a longer ride she got sick. Today could have been caused by a mixture of the kitty treats Auntie Sue spoiled her with & the ride. Last week it could have been being out on the town & then riding - nerves maybe? I hope it was a fluke thing as she's never had a problem with riding & always sleeps the whole ride. It was funny though...I had a small bag open today "just in case" & the next thing I knew it had vomit in it. Great aiming Mari - it was almost like she knew what it was for! hehe

So we got home, I dropped Mari off & grabbed Milo & Matilda & went down to meet my mother at the Light House & walk around the Point. It was such a beautiful day & the ocean was SO pretty! The pups really enjoyed the walk as well & took well to seeing people around. Anyway, heading from there...I took the 2 pups to the beach! They LOVED it! New smells, new sounds, new sights. It was a perfect visit all except for Mr. Milo, after sniffing 2 boys that were there as well, charged at them barking after they started getting a little "loud". Just when I thought he'd really overcome this vice of his! He really does listen to my corrections though but sometimes I just don't catch him in time (as this behavior totally comes out of nowhere).

Otherwise though, it was SO great to walk on the beach with the pups & let them play in the sand. Matilda even practiced digging holes - it was too cute. Next time I will bring my video camera. Today, I did manage to bring my regular camera & took a few pictures before getting occupied with chatting with a fellow visitor. Here are a few photos from our "ocean" outting...


  1. I think it is so great that you give the pups time away from the pack with just you. I bet it makes them feel really special. I love the sand that a paw print on the bottom? So neat you have a lighthouse close to you...I am very jealous.

  2. I is good to take them out separetely once in a while. Last night I took Maxie out for a walk by himself (which was odd to say the least - it was so "quiet"!) & today we took the girls back to the beach - I'll be blogging about that in a bit though. ;o)

    And yes that was a paw print! I tried to get two but couldn't push down their paws hard enough for the sand...I didn't want to break any bones. LOL But that one did show up fairly well I guess...