Saturday, April 18, 2009

Maribelle at Work

Maribelle has been coming to work (Assisted Living - graveyard shift) with me on a semi regular basis since we got her back in December. She does great after getting settled in but does get a little overwhelmed with all the comotion & people around when we first get there. I am confident she'll get better with age at this where it seems like my older ones have gotten more confident with new people as they've gotten a bit older as well.

Anyway, I love seeing the smiles she brings out in the resident night owls. She will sit with them - even though she does get squirmy for her mama (she does this with even my hubby if we're not at home) but she does settle down & snooze in their laps after a few minutes. It's wonderful! And I think, even though Mari is happier sitting with her mom that she does enjoy it too. She is a great help at hearing if anyone is stirring...she'll perk right up & look to see where the odd noise is coming from. Often giving her little pre-bark growl. Thankfully, she has only really barked a couple times at work being as it's in the middle of the night and all. ;o) But even if she snoozes throughout the night...she is more exhausted than I am when we get home & crashes long before me!

So here are a few snaps from her most recent night at work...and please forgive the crappy quality of my cell phone pics!

On alert - "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

"Will you just pick me up now? I'm getting so sleepy"

"Zzzzzzzzz that's more like it.."

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