Friday, April 10, 2009

Maribelle out on the town...

I met my bestest in town this morning for a walk, some shopping & a coffee. I love taking one of the pups each time I go into town - it's great for their socialization which with these Chi's is a never ending process. Not only is it great for their socialization - I also find out in the process that there are more Chi's in our small town than I had originally thought! I've only actually seen a handful around but I'm forever running into people who have a Chihuahua at home and also share the same love I have for my own. Which in turn makes me feel a little less crazy about my Chi obsession!

Who knew a little pup could be such a conversation starter!

With all that aside I've got to give props to Miss Maribelle for being our most social Chi. She, funny enough, has been one who we've socialized the least. Though I do take her to work with me at an Assisted Living facility every other week (graveyard shift I will add), we didn't do the puppy kindergarten class like we did with the other 3 #1 because I believe the curiousness of the other (larger) puppies toward a smaller pup did more harm than good & #2 I'm quite sure I could probably teach a puppy kindergarten class after having 3 others attend in the past year. LOL So far with my experience GENTLE socialization works best with this breed rather than the "make them deal with it as often as possible starting as early as possible" approach I was originally suggested to do with the first Chi. I've come to this conclusion because of the simple fact that the two Chi's I socialized the most are the most timid. Interesting! Maribelle does however, get the "grumbles" with certain people and for some odd reason, children as I found out today. Which is funny because she is constantly around kids...and is fine when new kids come in the house. Just something more she'll have to be exposed to more so she will get used to seeing them in different settings...

Here is a photo of my pretty Mari - taken last night. She is 6 months now & her adult coat is really growing out nicely...she is even getting that nice ruff on her neck finally after being almost bare there throughout her "puppy uglies"! She is a gorgeous Chi to boot...if I say so myself!

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