Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Torture Them Tuesday!

LOL...that's going a bit far with the day of the week "themes". I really have no theme for Tuesday but I did "torture" the pups today with their holiday photo shoot so it was appropriate for today anyhow. Well saying that, they were actually not too unhappy about it because as they know, camera time equals treat time! They even put up with a little holiday wear to top it off. They're such good pups to entertain their mum even going to great lengths to do so! :oD I do love these guys!!


  1. "tortured" but still dang cuuuute......just looooove them


  2. Oh my dog!!!
    That has GOT to be the best Christmas photo I have ever seen. It is beautiful!
    You ought to send it to somewhere that makes cards, chi fanatics like us would definitely buy it.
    Well done, wish I could get one like that of ours.

  3. Wow! What an amazingly awesome Christmas photo!

    <3 Jessie

  4. My mommy wants to know how you got them to sit so still...we sure wont do it for her and now she has three of us to get into a picture for the holiday card exchange!

    Please give my mommy a clew!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco The Princess

  5. Well Coco, you can tell your mum.... :o)

    Sometimes I just put a nice blanket (or whatever I'm using for a backdrop) on a chair or the couch - whichever is big enough for the pups. Put it in front of a nice big window for lots of natural light. Though I did use my studio light for this particular pic - my header pic was natural light though.

    Anyway, the couch or chair the pups are comfortable in. OR like I did with the Christmas pic I set up a big folded table & put my backdrop over that. If any of you pups like to go diving off of high places this wouldn't be a good idea. But for us it helps keep everyone in place.

    I start with setting up the most cooperative pup. Get them dressed if that's what you're doing - put them where you want them & tell them to "wait"...which my pups do quite well. They all love their pics taken anyway because they love getting treats every so often through out the process! Get the next ready & put them in place & tell them to wait & give both a treat. And so on...

    I say "wait" very often while in the midst of the process & treat/gently praise (so as not to get them too excited to where they get up & move around) between every few snaps of the camera. I talk to them a lot & make all kinds of weird noises to get them to look at the camera. If someone starts to get up or get fidgety I just "ah ah - WAIT" & go reposition them if needed.

    Anyway, that's about it really. Tell your mom "good luck" in getting your holiday pics done. I can't wait to see how they come out!!

  6. OMG Heather, that came out so darn great!!!!! I'm so jealous of all the beautiful pictures you take! I'm going to attempt to get a holiday picture of Chewy and Lilibell, but lately, when they see the camera, they turn their heads deliberately when I try to take the picture, lol!