Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marley is Home!

Last night was the night we were to pick Marley up. We took Mari with us & traveled an hour & 20 minutes. I was a bit apprehensive about how Mari would react to other dogs and puppies since she's never really been around too many in such an intimate setting. She did GREAT though - much better than I had anticipated. She was a bit unsure about the dogs & did snap at one that got a little too close to sniff her (and she was in my lap so I'm sure she felt cornered) but otherwise she sniffed & allowed others to sniff. If she got uncomfortable she just hopped in my lap.

So what can I say - Marley is PRECIOUS! The entire litter of pups were but of course I'm fond to my boy. Marleys mom Cookie, was so pretty & super friendly showering my human girls & myself with kisses. We had a great visit with the dogs/pups & of course my breeder friend we've gotten our 5 Chi's from. It's always great chatting with her! Of course every time we meet it's a promise that it will be the LAST time we meet....for a puppy pick up anyway. ;o)

Marley is doing great at home so far. No potty "accidents" & he's been a champ at pottying right when I take him out. He's drinking well & eating "okay". But he's fitting in great with the rest of the pack so far. The only one who's having an issue thus far is Maxwell. He's acting like an old man who is totally turned off by this new kid running around making a fool out of himself. hehe I personally think he's a bit peeved Marley has found his way into my robe (which is usually Maxwells territory). However, a little while ago he curled up next to Marley on my lap & took a nap so they will be just fine. Mari & Milo are just way curious of him & Matilda...she's so great. She just wants to play play play! BUT...her idea of play, especially when it comes to a new family member consists of being bossy. Several times she has "donkey kicked" poor Marley across the floor! But she is being very tollerating & patient with him which is great!

All & all Marley is settling in extreamely well considering he's only been here for just about 13 hours. Oh & did I mention he whined for a whole 5 minutes before settling down in his crate last night? Then he was quiet as a mouse (as Mari slept in the crate next to him - door open as always) until I woke up at 1:30am not feeling well. So I took him out to potty & we curled up on the couch & finished off the night there. I don't think we'll have a problem crate training him at ALL.

So a post isn't a post, especially with a new addition with out a picture or two! A couple play time pics & one sweet "portrait" style photo...

Priceless - the girls were trying to help him up the stairs. (which he did figure out btw LOL)


  1. Isn't he beautiful! I love his little brown nose and gorgeous blue eyes, it's funny, he looks like he could be Matilda's puppy. The picture of the girls helping him up the step is so precious :)
    Sounds like he is settling right in with your pack, Maxwell will come around, it has taken our two a week to accept Elliot but last night even grumpy Dip-Dip was racing around playing with him - gasp.
    Please feel free to email me if you'd like to compare puppy notes. Lynne

  2. OMG, he is too freakin cute!!! I love that picture of the girls trying to help him up the stairs, you're right, it is priceless!! I want a baby so bad now, I mentioned (again!!) about a third one the other day, didn't get anywhere (again!!!!)

  3. Heather he is positively adorable. And it is so nice to hear that the pups are all getting along aside from Maxwell. I'm certain he will come around soon. For some pups it just takes some adjusting and getting to know the new addition. I am sure Marley will win his heart in no time.