Monday, November 9, 2009

Chewy chewy chewy chewy CHEWY!

They hardly last at all in our house but alas we still buy them once in a while to give the Chi's something new & interesting to put in their mouths.

Maribelle likes to steal another pups chewy & hoard them all at the top of the stairs. I went to see how many she had & she lowered to the floor & got a big "grin" on her face as to say "crap, I'm caught!". Guilty consciece? Certainly makes me feel bad! LOL

As soon as I take the "extra" chewy away, she comes down with hers & struts her stuff and literally prances around in front of the othe dogs flashing her "prize" to them. The only one to fall for it this time, Marley.

"You are not taking MY chewy Mari!"

"Look but don't touch now"

"Okay, maybe just a bite"

"Not mine brother!!"

Matilda immediately took her chewy upstairs on the bed in the comfort of the sun & peace and quiet!


  1. Ours love these too. They will be a great help for the puppy's teething. Wonderful photos as always, you catch some fantastic expressions and poses.

  2. What a hilarious series of pictures! You can really see each of their personalities come out through them.

    Rylie is like Mari... she'll "collect" all of the chewies/bully sticks from the others and hoard them.

  3. Love the pictures of Marley and Maribelle, he looks so cute eyeing that chewy, then how sweet of Mari to let him have a nibble :) The others looked very content just chewing.

  4. We will definitely have to keep the chewys readily available through the teething stage! Marley has already found the linolium & corner of our electric fire place. Oops! He is still learning his boundaries though... LOL

    Yep, Milo looks scared to death Mari is going to succeed in getting his chewy & Maxie is sort of thinking "I know I can't show my teeth or growl but I can sure give the death glare. LOL

    Funny Riley is a hoarder too - I find that so hilarious when dogs do that! Like, what are you REALLY going to do with all those chewys!!??

  5. Mari reminds me of Lexi! Lexi likes to steal all the bully sticks if she can. Sisters!