Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Seeing as this is our 5th puppy in less than 2 years, I'd like to say we've got the house breaking well down pat. The first 4 Chi's have been rather easy to train, but in reality I think we've got to give credit to ourselves here for training the best way possible to ensure a successful puppy. Granted, Marley hasn't been at our home for 24 hours yet so it's far too early to tell but I'd say this first day is a complete success if I do say so myself!

Not only has Marley not peed/pooed in the house as of yet but he now knows when he has peed in the potty area, to go up the ramp to the doggy door! Earlier this afternoon, he peed & I went around outside to go in the house & he even had gone through the doggy door to the puppy room! I'm sure he probably went in through with one of the other pups...but still. He certainly isn't afraid of the doggy door.

Then, just now, I thought I'd even try putting him out through the doggy door for his pee pee & see what happened. He stood there by the door for about 30 seconds, then proceeded down the ramp, was down there for about 45 seconds, started whining so I called to him & when he came through the doggy door upon inpection - the sign was there that he had in fect, PEED!! We celebrated & he was so proud of himself. I can't believe he's accomplished knowing what the potty area is for & to come in through the doggy door (though actually pushing it open himself I'm sure will take a bit more time) in this short period of time. I was super impressed with Mari learning this in 3 days of having her - less than 24 hours blew me away! YAY MARLEY!!

He also knows how to play fetch and ate a good amount of food at lunch today. He napped with me & the crew for 2 hours today in bed w/o any problems at all - he was sound asleep the whole time & the one time I woke up & looked at him he was just staring at me with his big blue eyes. He has totally stole my heart and it gushes every time I see his sweet face. I'm in love. ♥ :o)

We took this video this morning of him when he first wore a shirt. He wasn't very impressed & it's going to take some work (he really needs to be able to wear tops because of our harsh winters and his short coat!). He was literally trying to roll it off! hehe You can also see just how much Matilda wants to play with him...but too roughly! She gets so frustrated...when he is a little bigger she will be able to tackle him like she wants... ;o)


  1. He is absolutely beautiful, love the rolling.

    I find it so much easier to train when there is another dog leading by example. Nellie was wonderful in helping me with Calvert.

    Congratulations! Looks like the whole family is truly enjoying the new addition.

    Belly rubs to all the kids.

    Mom to Nellie & Calvert

  2. Well done Marley, keep up the good work!
    Elliot hates having his little bodywarmer on too and fights every step of the way when I put it on. Marley is a sweetheart, no wonder you're in love.

  3. I don't know how you get anything done, he is captivating. I love how he was rolling and then decided to get a quick sip of water. :)

  4. I could sit all day and admire that little guy! Loving those little pudgy legs of his, hehe! Every time I see him it just makes my heart ache for another baby!

  5. He is too adorable. I love how he tries to roll his shirt off. Too funny. And it's so nice to see Matilda interacting with him and wanting to play. It's so very sweet.