Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Walk Since Marley Came Home

The thought crossed my mind to bring a camera but reality told me I may be a bit too busy to be carrying my camera on the first walk with Marley. I was right. First off, those of you that have been following this blog will know Zander, our lab mix. Well, he's been staying next door with my dad, step mom & their Bassett Hound, Sadie for almost 2 weeks. I love Zander & always will. He's a great dog & a sweet heart. We are going to be moving (long story but we're not sure when - we're waiting for my aunt to sell her house so she can buy ours) and hubby & I had talked & we thought it would be best to rehome Zander when we moved. :o( If for nothing more than the fact that with his energy level (six years old & acts like a pup! LOL), he's never been able to be apart of the "pack" for safety reason for the Chi's. Not really fair for him to be seperated from the rest of the dogs. We'd only talked about it when my dad mentioned to me one day that my step mom just adored him & if we ever wanted a new home for him to talk with her about it. Being as I'd never just give him up to anyone - I took it as a sign.

I do feel bad because I feel in a way we traded him in which isn't true. This is something we'd talked about long before Marley was even a thought. But when my dad said that and knowing Marley was coming home soon we thought maybe rather than waiting - this would be the best time. He has however, been doing great down with Sadie & it absolutely makes me smile to look out & see him rolling around in the grass & hanging out with my dad & step mom who are very "outdoorsy" type of people (totally unlike me). He really looks happy & that makes me feel like we've done the right thing. Not to mention I think he & Sadie have been playing which is good for both of them.

Anyway, back to our walk - Zander was out on the lawn as I exited the house with the 5 Chi's. Being as the pups aren't used to seeing a dog out on the lawn they started getting all excited first thing. I sat down on the lawn waiting for them to relax, not wanting to step on Marley first thing. My step mom drove in & talked with us for a bit - little Marley so excited to see her. Finally we started down our long driveway as Zander came to greet. The dogs, seeming to have forgotten who Zander was. ??? They sniffed, barked & Matilda even got nasty with him when he got near which I wasn't expecting. However I shouldn't be surprised - she hates dogs who have high energy - they totally put her out! Zander was also going balistic trying to get to the new addition to sniff him out. I finally had to pick Marley up, not wanting him to get stepped on. Finally we were on our way.

The rest of the walk couldn't have gone any better! We did not go far because 1)it was cool & 2)I didn't want to over-do little Marleys little legs. :o) When we got home, it didn't take long for the pups to pile up & zonk out...


  1. Sounds like you did the right thing, I think Zander will be more settled with Sadie and your dad and step mum and the chis will be happier without a boisterous big dog around. Although I'm sure you will miss him you can see him often and you know he's got a great home with relatives. Glad your walk went well. it's nice to see them all sleeping together like that, looks like they have all bonded as a pack.

  2. Heather, as difficult as that decision may have been, at least you know Zander is going to a great home and you'll still be able to see him!

    That picture is precious!!

  3. Love that picture...they look so precious laying all happy together.

  4. It definitely sounds like Zander will have a great home with your dad and step mom.

    Adorable picture of the chis- it looks like they all love each other very much!

    <3 Jessie