Saturday, November 7, 2009

My New & Improved "Lap 'o Chi's"!

Excuse the jammie pants & black baseball socks lol...but today was the first day everyone felt comfortable enough with the baby & all, to pile in my lap. Marley is there somewhere - he just blends well with Matilda. Now I remember why I wanted a chocolate!! ;o) (TOTALLY kidding lol)


  1. OMG! Can they be any more precious! Who needs a blanket when you've got them to keep you warm.

    Nice to see everyone resting this weekend.

    Hope the training is going well.



  2. That's just a brilliant photo, a living blanket of chihuahuas, what could be better!
    They must all get on great together to lay so close, sometimes if my girls lay together and one moves, the other one growls - crabby old devils.

  3. Claudia, thank you! Most of yesterday was work (photo shoot day) and arrands but we did take about an hour in the afternoon to chill. So it was awesome when the Chi's wanted to take advantage of it & pile up. Totally made my hour of relaxation seem like a days worth. :o) The training is going well. He's only had a couple of wee accidents & one poo accident (and 2 of those were the night Maxie let him out of the crate hehe) otherwise he's been running right down the ramp to the potty area when we put him out the doggy door. This morning when I let him out of the crate he went out to pee - and after a few minutes of being in I could tell he had to poo (he's VERY good at showing signs with his sniffing a million miles an hour & running around in circles LOL) he sort of ran to the next room where the doggy door is. I took him down & he *almost* ran all the way to the doggy door before I had to pick him up & put him out & he ran out & did his business. Definite progress & wonderful considering it's still been less than a week. :o)

    And thank you Lynne! The only one lately who has growled at another for moving when sleeping is Marley! LOL But I always correct any sort of growling & put them on the floor if it happens so they know I won't tollerate it. He has gotten much better & I think growled once in the mega pile but I sort of didn't blame him because Matilda stepped on him and well, that's gotta hurt! ;o)

  4. That is a great picture...everyone all snoozed out on your lap...sweet!

  5. That is a picture of heavenly bliss!!

  6. That is such a cute picture! I love when all of the chis pile onto my lap :)

    You are gorgeous, by the way!

    <3 Jessie