Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pretty Pups....


  1. Simply gorgeous!

    I nominated you for an award. Stop on by my blog and check it out!

  2. They look so confident and poised. It also looks like Maxwell has grown past Maribelle some. He looks a bit bigger even considering Miss Mari's longer hair. Mari always looks so feminine. My Fav, the Milo Man is scrumpious as usual...Mama Matilda is very elegant looking. To bad she can't have pups, they would be very nice.

  3. Thanks guys! And thank you Tiffany for the award nomination - I will check it out! :o)

    Debra, Maxwell really hasn't grown any...he's still holding at 5lbs 14oz. Mari has made it to about 5lbs 1oz so there isn't a whole lot of difference in size. You'd think Mari would look bigger with all that hair though. LOL And you're right...if I could go back I'd totally breed Maxwell & Matilda. I bet I would have gotten that chocolate baby I've been dying for (her mama was chocolate). hehe