Friday, July 10, 2009

Papa & the Puppies...BRAVE Matilda!

My grandfather comes over once a week...sometimes more sometimes less. He just adores all of our Chi's (especially little Maribelle). Matilda, as I may have mentioned before, doesn't exactly like to be touched by people outside of her immediate family. There are only one or 2 people other than us she'll allow & that's basically my mom who spent the night with the pups & human kids last year so she got comfortable with her & my brother who for more than a year was here at least 3 days a week for about an hour at a time (when he picked up my nephew when I babysat him). That last one is a miricle since my bro so lovingly used to tease Matilda as a pup when she was very nippy toward people who tried to touch her - BAD UNCLE! She's not 100% comfortable with these people even, but she'll cautiously tolerate pats & sit in their laps.

Other people that come over often enough - she has no problem sitting in their laps as long as they don't touch Papa being one of them. But any time he goes to touch her or put his arm around her as to "hold" her she'll generally jump right away & down like she's afraid of cooties or something.

Anyway, last night when we got a visit from Papa, he sat down & Matilda was the first to jump up in his lap & to both of our surprised she happily let him not only touch her (he's so gentle & soft with her...he's really great!) but put his arm around her. Of course he was careful not to "squeeze" because that surely would have freaked her out...but she sat there for a good 5 minutes with him. It was great to see her progress!

And for Papa, my almost 9yo daughter & our 4 pups...

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  1. What a great story! That's wonderful that Matilda is warming up to him enough to let him hold her. That picture of the two of them is just adorable and so sweet. Also the picture of all six of them in too cute. I love how it looks like Maribelle is cleaning/kissing Milo!