Friday, July 17, 2009

Frozen Green Beans!

My pups absolutely love frozen green beans. Not only are they healthy, they're perfect for warm summer days & don't disappear in 2 seconds (maybe 5 with these LOL). Anyway, here are some snaps of my pups trying to get another green bean....

And our Chi Wanna-Be practicing Ivy's newest trick for him..."bear". LOL


  1. Bentley & Lexi love green beans too, although we haven't tried giving them frozen ones yet. I'll definitely have to remember that! The pictures are too cute. Milo reminds me so much of Bentley in that picture! He's so handsome. Max's expression is too sweet and the girls look lovely. LOVE that picture of Zander. It has me cracking up. He's such a cutie pie.

  2. They sure like their green beans...I really liked Matilda with her "pretty paws" I wish Draco would pose like that. Milo is just so patient waiting for his bean...everyone else was so excited for theirs. Zander is even BIGGER when he stands up :)