Thursday, July 2, 2009

Naughty Boys!

My crew has always been great with pottying outside. They have a doggy door & have been fantastic about using it since it was installed. Even before they did well with holding it in until they were taken outside with the exception of a few issues when they were going through puppy adolescence - well, Milo anyway. Maxie has always been great.

For the past 2 weeks however, I've been finding multiple pee/poo's in our sunroom (where the doggy door is located. It's hard to catch them in the act down there because they often go down & play (or go outside to potty) and it's in a seperate room from where we usually are. A few days ago I did catch Milo relieving himself down there & quickly put him through the doggy door telling him "outside pee pee" like I always have before he goes to bed.

As if 1-3 "accidents" a day weren't enough - today was horrible! I've lost count but I'm sure it was 4-5 soooo, we're back to square 1 with the boys. I say the boys because not only did I catch Milo down there peeing the other day - I've been trying to keep my eye on them & noticed Maxwell had just come up from the sunroom so I went to peek & there was poo (Milo has very distict poo's so I know it wasn't him & the girls had been with me). Thinking me catching Milo in the act possibly could have been enough - I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first & just crated Maxwell since we were busy cleaning & unable to keep an eye on them. Not 20 minutes goes by & Milo didn't pee in the sunroom...but on the COUCH!!!

He did this several times when he was around 7 months...right after we brought Maxwell home and I will NOT have it again. So in the crate Milo went as well. It's only been this evening they've been crated & Maxwell earned his out when he peed on command (when we put him out the doggy door). Milo is being a diffucult little dude & won't even walk down the ramp outside the doggy door - instead he comes right back in so right back in the crate he went and will stay until he pees outside. He's proven to have quite a bit bladder & will hold it in until it just comes out on it's own. Speaking of that...

Before all of this started - Milo had an incident where Gabby took him to bed with her like she often does. She put him out the doggy door before bed but he came right back in so she figured he didn't need to go. Gabby didn't even make it in the bed when Milo peed ALLLL over her bed. We've been having loads of rain lately so the outside play area has been blocked off for some time. Maybe he's just wanting to go pee in the grass?? But then again...he peed fine all winter in the enclosed area.

At any rate - I hope this passes quickly because I'm getting mighty tire of cleaning up their messes. Hopefully they'll get the hint & hopefully the girls don't pick up on their nasty new habit!

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  1. Oh no! What naughty boys. I think boys go through this sometimes. Maybe something has changed for them and has caused them to "rebel" by pottying inside?? I know my mom's Yorkie is sort of going through something like this. But when she makes him mad or he's jealous of something, he'll potty in the house despite going outside numerous times. Sometimes he'll even hold it in until he walks back inside, then he'll go on the carpet or the rug, etc.

    I think what you're doing is the right thing though. Eventually they'll get it through their thick male brains that pottying inside is STILL not okay. Boys will be boys! It just sucks that you're having to go through this. Chihuahuas are a constant battle when it comes to potty training and reinforcement. Good luck!