Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mischievous Milo!!??

Milo has been the least problematic dog as far as around the house goes. He is our lazy Chi who is happy to spend his days laying around on the couch, sleeping and always listening for the cabinet door to see if a snack is to follow. Yes, Milo loves food. Which is probably the reason he is about 1-2lbs over weight at 10 1/2lbs. As our biggest Chi, he isn't "fat" but as the vet puts it...he has some padding on his rib cage.... And he really eats no more than the rest of our crew. I think it's a mixture between an unfortunate metabolism (which I can so relate to!) and the fact that he is well, lazy!

At any rate...this will show you just how much Milo loves food. Yesterday, I was busy editing some photos up stairs when Ivy came up all huffy. Apparently she walked out into the kitchen to find Milo had hopped up into a chair that hadn't been pushed in and then onto the table where one of the girls had left a piece of toast. Yep, there he was standing on the table munching on a piece of toast - I'm sure thinking he's in heaven! Needless to say, even though he was naughty - I couldn't help but laugh. It was such an unexpected behavior from him! I did get after him a few times for trying to push the baby gate open leading into the kitchen that afternoon. I knew he was only trying to get some more toast!

If only I had walked in with my camera...I would loved to have caught his face. hehehe


  1. Finally a post solely devoted to my love Milo! What a mischievous little one he was on Tuesday! That is so funny. I can just picture him up there on the table chomping away on some toast. Sounds like something one of my little munchkins would do. Are you sure Bentley & Milo weren't separated at birth????

  2. I know! I always feel bad because Milo never gives me anything exciting to post - he always does the same thing every day (sleep & eat!). hehe

    Perhaps Bentley & Milo were seperated at birth?! They could totally pass as brothers that's for sure...