Monday, July 13, 2009

Digesting Teeth....

Okay, so dogs do fine passing their teeth when they're teething. But yesterday - while the girls & I were busy packing Gabby's bags for her cheerleading camp this week the pups decided to try their hand at passing HUMAN teeth!

Gabby had been saving her last few baby teeth in a little plastic tooth necklace/holder (courtesy of Bristol School) that she hung from her entertainment center - about 2 feet above the floor. We've been sure to keep her room free of "stuff" on the floors because the pups have been notorious for finding "treasures" to consume in there (M&M's, paper, pencils, pens, markers, etc). Well, this didn't matter - someone got bored & decided to pull it off the entertainment center, chew through the necklace, which Gabby had duct taped "just in case" & consume all but 1 molar.

Poor Gabby was devistated! So far the teeth seem to be passing okay (no vomiting, tummy swelling, etc). Since Gabby is at camp this week she said I could keep the poo in a baggy & mush it around until I found the teeth. I "accidentally" forgot to poo scoop this afternoon trying to avoid seeing a tooth and retrieving it. Does she really still want it after it's passed??? Ewwwwwww....... Maybe I should save her a bag full of this weeks poo (3 poo's 4 times a day for 4 days...that's a lot of shit to go through...quite literally! haha) so she can sort through it when she comes home?? :oP

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  1. Funny, nothing is safe from consumption at our house unless it is well beyond jumping range...whoever got the teeth probably thought "jackpot" I only wanted to play with this plastic thing and I got some yummy treats. lol.....