Monday, March 23, 2009

Teething, Cord Danger & some Mama time!

So Maribelle is 5 1/2 months now & apparently in the full swing of teething. None of the Chi's have been big chewers by any means except for the occassional "oopsie". Any chewing they do on a daily basis though is appropriately done to their own toys. HOWEVER, today Maribelle decided that the end to our laptop power cords soothes her aching teeth/gums! After catching her the first time I sort of put the cord up out of reach & kid you not 10 minutes later she had managed to sneak up, get the cord & chewed a bunch more. Thankfully, her little mouth is small enough not enough damage was done that it would electricute her. However, one tiny puncture could have been devistating.

Moral of the story?...Even if your pup has shown no interest in cords, don't think that some day the mood may not strike!

Also, a picture share from this evening. After our human kids go to bed (they each take a pup to bed as well) the two tinies have their Mama to themselves. So if you happen to stop in any time after 7...this is probably what you'll walk in to. Mama in her 11 year olds robe & all! LOL

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