Thursday, March 26, 2009

No crumbs, no paper towels, no problem!

Just get a chi & your life will be so much easier. At least that's what Maxwell's story is.

Each time you sit down to eat in the living room up he pops behind you. Usually you don't even know he's there until you feel this tickle on your cheek while he tries to quiety sneak a sniff (or lick) of what it is you're putting in your mouth, hoping nobody will notice of course. Once in a while he'll grab a lost crumb, piece of lettuce or whatever may fall over our messy human selves. And when caught, he pretends to just be coming over for kiss or two. (of course!) Never mind the mayo that may be smeared in the corner of your mouth. He pretends not to notice as he cleans it right up.

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