Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hawk/Eagle Alert!

Being as it's getting a bit warmer here we've been taking the pups outside to give them a chance to run around & sniff the ground which they haven't been able to do all winter. They're generally good about sticking close to me but are a little bit "rusty" so I've decided to refresh their outside obedience training. While outside the other day, I was reminded on just how careful you have to be with the little dogs. Not only do they need to be supervised closely but also their surroundings as well. Upon admiring the clear sky, here is what I saw. I mighty frightening sight when you have small dogs - especially small dogs off leash.

Just a warning to all - don't forget to continually check the ground AND sky for any possible dangers! I have heard too many stories about little Chi's (and other small breeds) being carried away by birds of prey. Please be cautious!

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  1. I really never thought to much about hawks but when I had my daughters small Chi at the park, a hawk was really cruising low...I scared me because I have seen them pick up praire dogs. We were letting Harley have some free running and had to cut it short..