Friday, June 25, 2010

Chihuahua's & Kids

I remember when researching Chihuahua's prior to getting Matilda - all the articles I read said how Chihuahua's didn't get along well with children. They were nippy with them & of course they are fragile which makes handling a little "iffy" with younger kids. Figuring my Chi's would grow up with my least they'd like MY children right? And my girls were older so I could trust them with being careful handling them. I was a nervous wreck in the beginning for sure & hardley ever let my girls carrying them around afraid they'd drop them.

Well, I finally got to trust my girls & they carry them around everywhere. They've never dropped them (in my recollection - at least they've never gotten hurt being dropped anyway LOL) so all is well.

I also read how Chi's can be weary of strangers and while that does ring true with (most) of my crew...they do warm up fairly quickly and they've been known to happily mingle during birthday parties w/o issue. Still, they give a loud "welcome" to newcomers & most aren't totally crazy about being handled by the "strangers" unless they have been visited by that specific person on a regular basis. Still, they mingle happily & that's all that I really care about!

It's become very clear that my dogs LOVE CHILDREN. For the longest time I was uneasy when the girls would have friends over in fear they'd get biten. As time has gone on...they have gotten to adjust to new children here INCREDIBLY well. With the exception of one time Milo nipping my daughters best friend (who happens to be my best friends daughter) there have been no insidences. And I use "nipping" loosely because he was simply trying to tell her to calm down! They were playing dogs & crawling around & were getting too roudy. Milo got so excited & his excitement went out of his mouth. No harm was done other than some redness...all was good!

Lately, after a very noisey welcome (of course) my Chi's have started being quite effectionate to new children here & it's SO nice to see! We do give warnings about Matilda & keep a harness or collar on her so everyone knows not to try to pat or pick her up (she has a mega fear aggression toward anyone touching her who is outside of our immediate family) but she still loves to be *around* them & will give kisses to the gentle "palm up" hand that is offered to her.

And Maya...Maya came to us not really having been socialized much around children. The first two weeks she was with us she basically tried attacking both my girls whenever they came near or tried to touch her. She absolutely ADORES them now & while she is still a little stand offish to new children around & will growl if they get a little too pushy (not trying to bite - which Ivy informed me was a bluffing bite with no force behind it haha) she did allow a couple children this past weekend to pat her w/o her trying to run away. She for sure needs a confident hand & only becomes uneasy when the approacher is uneasy. If you are sure of yourself she is much more relaxed.

A little addition on Maya - she is starting to relax around houseguests now. For a while she'd sniff a hand that was put down & then bark at them almost like she wanted to bite them (I believe she was teased by guests at her previous owners which did her no favors). Anyway, she is slowly beginning to trust guests & even asked my dad to pick her up a couple weeks ago. Amazing! He didn't quite dare w/o gloves "just in case"...but it was so great to see her so happy with a guest. :o) I have no doubt with some more time she'll have some great manners as far as guests go!

Enough rambling from this Chi Mum today. We've been slack with our blog though we have lots to blog about! No excuses!! :o( If you really want to follow our going ons I'm ashamed to say I'm much better about posting pics & updating the MChi facebook page (link under the picture head on this page) but I do hope to be better about blogging as well!

Here is Mi-Mi loving on, or getting loved on LOL by a new kid visitor. With Matilda happily looking on...


  1. I know it's been a while, so very sorry I have not visited. Love the header photo, but I'm a little confused, didn't you have five? Marley being the last one? Do I see six adorable chi's?

    I've taken care of a co-workers two chi's and they have been very social, not yappy at all. I think if you socialize them early enough and they are raised with kids, other dogs or cats, they adapt.

    Glad Maya is becoming more accustomed.



    ps. didn't know you were on facebook, please check out Nellie & Calvert @schnauzer-tude!

  2. I just love them! I have wondered if the raw food diet would help our overweight Chi. She really doesn't eat much so I'm not sure why she's fat. I do know she has had a bad knee that keeps her from wanting to walk and since then she's gotten plump. I'm thinking on it.

  3. Claudia - we grew one on Easter! If you scroll down you can read the story. Basically I came across Maya on a classifieds website & recognized her as Maribelle's littermate we almost got instead of Mari. We were not looking to add but hubby fell head over heals in love & I do admit it was fate. She fits in perfectly to the pack & is adjusting SO well. I was expecting it to take longer for her to fit in & was a bit nervous because all our pups we got as babies & I know sometimes Chi's have a hard time adjusting to new situations. I was sure with time she'd be just fine but I wasn't expecting her to adjust so smoothly. :o)

    From my reading, what I believe is kibble is basically like fast food so really...sometimes no matter how much pups who have slow metabolisms eat, they'll always be over weight. I think that was the case with Milo because his metabolism is so slow & he's happy to sleep all day. So he was packing on the pounds. Raw not only helped him loose weight but he's also a bit more active now because of it too. I'd totally recommend it to anyone. Even premade or dehydrated raw I bet would help your overweight Chi. :o)

  4. Trigger LOVES kids...he isn't too keen on adult men, though...freaks out. Loves women too. I don't understand. Probably something to do with how we socialized him, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad IMO as far as a chi goes ;)